Thursday 7 March 2013

Electro-Acoustic Cigar Box Ukuleles

Electro-Acoustic Cigar Box Ukuleles

Just like a CBG, but with Ukulele Fretboard, either stopping at the box, or overlapping in a recess.
I have piezo pickups in all the ukes i make. Steel or nylon strings.
I tune tenor tuning, because I like it, and am used to playing the mandolin. (GDAE low to high).
More conventional tunings are gCEA and aDF#B (which sounds brighter to me.)

 These Ukes were made using the legs of a discarded easel
 I  realised that the box below was too long, so moved the neck INTO the box.

It now belongs to Nicolette, AKA Little Wing, from Glasgow supergroup 

CBU 'Freebird' Video - Featuring mrjonthemuppet

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