Monday 26 May 2014

Glasgow GFT - Documentary / Talk - June 1st

Glasgow GFT - Documentary / Talk - June 1st

Just completed the 50 minute documentary on Haufcut Instruments, which I will be presenting at Glasgow's GFT film theatre on June 1st as part of The National Green Film Festival, (plus a ten minute Q & A session.)...and hopefully we will be launching the Depot Arts Glasgow Skiffle Orchestra Project... Now I'm aff tae ma bed !!

A clip !

Friday 23 May 2014

haufcut talk / workshop - Glasgow GFT - 1st June

haufcut talk - workshop - glasgow GFT - Sun June 1st.

I will be talking about the instruments I have made, and promoting the DEPOT ARTS' Glasgow Skiffle Orchestra Project at Glasgow's GFT on Sunday June 1st. - As part of the UK Green Film Festival, which includes this excellent documentary - MUSICWOOD

On Saturday 24th May, as a wee taster,  Colin Syme and I will be making noises on some haufcut instruments in the GFT at 11am, before the screening of  THE KING OF MASKS - Come along and join in! - We haven't a clue what we will play, but will have electro-acoustic bass, ukulele, CBG, tenor guitar and stomp box, so it'll be noisy !!

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 - Album

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 - Album

I'm very proud to have been involved in the recording and pledgemusic funding of this album. Available on CD in a cool tin, or on vinyl with the superb, comic strip, double gatefold sleeve by Adam Smith.

Party To Make Music To Party To Make Music To Party To - 1
Available from June 10th everywhere - advance copies from LOVE MUSIC, Glasgow, or via

Wednesday 21 May 2014



Twenty six years ago, I found myself busking in Seattle, with Artis, the spoonman (made famous by Soundgarden not long after!) He's still playing, and making music from cutlery. He is the master... Watch and enjoy. 

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Plastic Tubing, 'Double Reed' Sax / Oboe / Duduk / Xaphoon

Plastic Tubing, 'Double Reed' Sax / Oboe / Duduk / Xaphoon

An attempt to make a woodwind instrument, which actually turned out better than I was expecting!
 1. Cut a length of plastic tubing... The longer the length, the lower the key.

 2. Soften one end in hot water.

 3. Flatten the end in a vice, taking care not to crack the sides.

4. Sand the mouthpiece thin enough to produce a note when blown through... with a 1/2 mm gap

5. Drill finger holes, and tape on a funnel,,, Practice !!!