Friday 25 December 2015

Tenor Tin - Colman's Canjo

Tenor Tin - Colman's Canjo

A lovely sounding, nice looking canjo - badly played by mrjonthehat
The specifics are in the captions

Monday 16 November 2015

Left Handed, 'Mickey Mouse Tin, Electro-acoustic, Tenor Ukulele

Left Handed, 'Mickey Mouse Tin, Electro-acoustic, Tenor Ukulele

I was asked by Yannis Politis if I could construct a left handed, electro-acoustic, tenor ukulele from his cool, Mickey Mouse tin - Here is the finished uke: 

Playing it was a bit tricky - upside down and right handed...

Monday 9 November 2015

Video - haufcut ukulele collection - November 2015

Video - haufcut ukulele collection - November 2015

The electro-acoustic ukuleles in this video are ON SALE NOW - £50 each.

Sunday 8 November 2015

haufcut ukuleles for sale

haufcut ukulele sale

Tuned as you wish. - electro-acoustic canjos and cigar box ukes on sale now.

Friday 6 November 2015

Ukulele Production Line

Ukulele Production Line

The Swedish, rat, luthier team are very busy, on the production line, creating a new range of haufcut instruments electro-acoustic cigar box and canjo ukuleles. On sale soon. £50 (with 10% discount for those who mention the name of the company Security Chicken when ordering!)

Wednesday 14 October 2015

haufcut hallowe'en 3 string CBG

Wooooo ! 
It sounds like a scary ghost trapped in a cigar box... or something... 
mrjonthehat's latest creation... (Like Frankenstein!)
The Haufcut Instruments​ hallowe'en 3 string CBG.
Electro-acoustic. - Lopez Punch cigar box, Oak neck, 
Mahogany fretboard. 25 steel frets, key bridge, bolt nut, piezo pick-up, chrome tuners.

Thursday 17 September 2015

Scotty Dog Canjo

Scotty Dog Canjo

JUST COMPLETED - The haufcut instruments Scotty Dog electro-acoustic, 4 string Canjo. (Oak neck, mahogany fingerboard, shortbread tin body, 17 steel frets, gold floral markers, key bridge, chrome, geared tuners, piezo-electric pick-up, mono jack socket.) - Video below...

Friday 1 May 2015

Rubber Chicken Scale Canjo Ukulele

Rubber Chicken Scale Canjo Ukulele

Made from a nice Colman's Mustard Club lunchbox, this is a sweet sounding, electro-acoustic ukulele canjo, whuch I have put classical guitar strings on. Tuned GDAE (low to high), but that may change.  Oak neck, mahogany fingerboard, 14 brass frets, piezo pick up, bone nut, key bridge, gold dot markers, chrome tuners.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

2015 Electro-acoustic Ukulele #1

2015 Electro-acoustic Ukulele #1

Made from a Romeo Y Julieta Cigar box, oak neck, mahogany fingerboard, 15 brass frets, chrome tuners, bone nut, key bridge, piezo pick-up, ukulele strings tuned GCEA

VIDEO (with Wah Wah pedal)

Wednesday 14 January 2015

TUNINGS - For 6, 4(8) and 3 Strings


Following today's YMI 'Soundwaves' workshop at SENSE Scotland's Touchbase centre, I thought I should list all the tunings I like to use here: There are no real rules, but it's probably best to tune down to a note, rather than up, to begin with, to avoid broken strings. Having said that, if you think about a standard set of guitar strings EADGBe - It should be fairly easy to figure out that tuning a string that is made to be played in E up to a high A is going to cause problems. - I reckon, if you are lucky, it will break beyond a high G - Prove me wrong!

6 Strings

EADGBe - Standard tuning
EADGae - Pentatonic
ACDEGa - Petatonic 2
DAdGad - Dadgad or Modal D (that's what they call it!)
DAdF#BE - Jojo's tuning
EAC#eae - Open A
DAdF#ad - Open D
DGdgBd - Open G
DGCgcd - Led Zep (Rain Song)
CFcGcD - Cittern
GBDgbd - Dobro (my favourite)
EADeea - Balalaika
AGCEae - Charango
CEGA#cD - Overtone
CEG#ceg# - Major 3rds
CGDgBc - Admiral
CFcGA#F - Buzzard
DAdGBE - Drop D
CGDgAd - Face
DAddad - 4 & 20
ABEF#aD - Hot Type
DACGcE - Layover
CFcGAE - Magic Finger (Seriously!?)

There are lots of others!

4 Strings

Or 8 - Most using middle 4 strings from a set

GDAE - Tenor (mandolin / fiddle / bouzouki)
AEaC# - Open A (What I use)
GDgB - Open G
DAdF# - Open D
CGDA - Tenor Banjo
GCEA - Ukulele
DGBd - Mini Spanish (my  second favourite - Also the 'main' strings on a 5 string banjo)

Paired Tunings
DAdd - (Appalacian Dulcimer)

3 Strings

The following are named after the paired strings, and adaptable to any key.


GgB - My favourite -  with a low and high G