Friday 10 May 2013

STOMPY Stomp Boxxx

STOMPY Stomp Boxxx

Wooden boxes for packaging wine bottles aren't great for making CBGs, but they are great for 
STOMP BOXES. (An electric bass/ kick drum). 

Here's a step by step guide to building a stomp box: 

Step 1. You'll need:
A wooden wine box with a lid (mine was hinged, with a catch.)
A metal plate, box lid or tray (not vital, but it makes a nice noise.)

Electrics: (Available from guitar shop / electronics store.) £1-£3
A mono instrument jack socket
A piezo transducer pick up
2 potentiometers (pots) - One Volume, One Tone.
2 knobs that fit the pots 
A capacitor (I used 0.33 ohms)

Soldering Iron

Step 2
Take the biscuit tin lid and snip at the corners so it folds flat.

Step 3:
Cut a metal section from the lid, fold it over the corner of your box and screw it in place, leaving one edge unscrewed, to allow it to slap against the box when stomped.

Step 4
Open up the box, 

Step 5:
File, chisel or sand down the area where the pots and jack will go. Drill 3 holes and secure the components with their supplied nuts and washers, tighten with pliers.

Step 6:
Solder the wires to the components. Sorry that my sketch is  rough. I hadn't intended for it to be online. Search the internet for a better one if you can! 

 Step 7:
Fit the knobs to the pots on the outside of the box.

Step 8:
Plug in a lead and try it through an amp. (Not this close though, or it'll probably cause feedback!)

Step 9:
Decorate it, smooth down ANY SHARP CORNERS ! and add a carry handle - {Belt section held with screws and washers on mine.)


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